Like most people, I take great pride in my house. Over the course of 14 years, I have made it into a home with simple and affordable lighting and decor. Oftentimes, people walk by my house or come inside and tell me how cozy and beautiful it feels.

I realized people like you struggle with the task of decorating, renovating, and lighting your home. You feel overwhelmed by the many shows on HGTV and the hundreds of home blogs all over the web. You don’t know where to begin. You finally choose a room or outdoor space to renovate and head off to Home Depot or Home Goods.  You fill your cart only to leave it in the store and run for the car. 

Decorating is overwhelming! 

Bedroom and bath room

I can simplify this process and make lighting and interior design accessible to you.  Better yet, I can make it affordable for you. 

I am a professional architectural lighting designer with experience in lighting everything from universities and commercial buildings to residential properties.  I have worked alongside many talented designers for all of my career.  I have also renovated two of my own homes from top to bottom on a tight budget.  I am certain that I can make your house feel like a home while staying within your budget.